We feel very strongly about the health of our clients, our stylists and of the environment and so even the paint on our walls is fully biodegradable! Ours is an eco-friendly salon and we were delighted to find the Organic Colour Systems range which we have been using since 2013. I had serious sinus issues when I worked at the other salons which use only chemical products, but since using the OCS range here at Swordfern, that problem has completely gone. You get no horrible smells from the range, and even the straightening product is completely safe! I get right up close to my clients because I like to check that the colour has been applied perfectly. With OCS I can do that without my eyes burning and tearing. The colour is softer and almost more luminescent, but we’re still able to play with colour creatively and achieve some amazing results. Our clients are absolutely thrilled with OCS. In fact one of our clients regularly visits a salon close to her home, to have her hair blow-dried. The stylist there was amazed at the improvement to the condition of her hair and wanted to know what she was using! He could not believe how healthy her hair was! Our favourite products include the Soothe Plus Shampoo, the PowerBuild Conditioner and Shape Control product, but of all of them – we love Revamp the most as it gives us immediate, truly outstanding results! We also love the fact that the shampoos are light and foam beautifully! There is no doubt that it may take a few weeks to get used to the OCS Shampoo and Conditioner products. You have to give them a chance to cut through that terrible chemical build-up which has been left behind from the other products that you have been using. Once your hair has returned to its natural state with the OCS range however, you just cannot beat the great look and feel of your hair!

Christelle and Gabriel
Swordfern Emporium, Cape Town

For 15 years I had been using another leading brand in my salon, but I found my health deteriorating and this was a concern to me. I also have many clients who have cancer and so I decided to go the natural route to avoid all the negative, unhealthy ingredients in hair salon products. I decided to begin using the full OCS range in January 2014 – and I am thrilled! I use the entire range including the retail products (Care and Styling range), as well as the colour and straightening products. I don’t do iffy colours and I like to push the boundaries where I can. With Organic Colour Systems I find that I can easily do this. In fact we had one client who wanted a vibrant, fiery red and we were able to easily achieve this for her. She was ecstatic and she just loved the feel and condition of her hair afterward. We saw her a few weeks after her colour with OCS and her colour had lasted really well. Red usually lasts for about two weeks, but the OCS colour lasts much longer. My client says that her hair feels somehow thicker with OCS – she is really happy! I find that hair is much softer and more manageable with OCS and the shine is truly amazing! I love the fact that you do treatments before you colour, which is one of the reasons the colour is retained so well. In addition, the fact that you are able to do the stretch test and actually explain to a client, what you are doing and why, is a great help in the salon. My clients love the condition of their hair with OCS. They love the shine and how healthy their hair looks and feels. You don’t get that silky feel factor initially with OCS, as the product takes time to cut through the chemicals, but once my clients begin to see how their hair is improving, they love it. People don’t always realise what hair colour does to their health, but people are becoming more savvy. It’s all about education and realising what you need to avoid.

Aqua Alchemy @ Zen Spa, Johannesburg

I have been using Organic Colour Systems for the last few months and its great, clients love the results.

Jenny Tully
Jennifer and Co Hair Salon

We love Organic Colour Systems because:
  • it gives us a very pleasant working environment
  • we have a large choice of colours/flexibility
  • we find it increases customer loyalty
  • we achieve great results every time
  • it makes us stand out from other salons

Mia Stokes
You Hair Design, Bournemouth, UK

I thought I would write to say how pleased my patients and I are with the results achieved with Herb Organic Hair Colour. In my work I see many patients with very sensitive scalps, hair loss or conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. If they colour their hair one of their main concerns on initial consultation is that I ask them to stop. Fortunately, I am able to recommend them to organic hairdressers in London and Essex or to Herb UK. Over the years many clients who have had severe reactions to normal chemical tints and believed they could never colour their hair again have been able to tint their hair safely with Herb. As the trichological treatments I give are based on essential oils and natural ingredients, organic tints and perms are very compatible with my approach and help my patients to look good while my treatments take effect. I very much hope that Herb UK will keep up the good work and that more hairdressers and clients will appreciate the benefits of organic hairdressing.

Peter Bannister, Skin Specialist and Trichologist
The Brentwood Clinic of Complementary Medicine, UK

The colour compared to other colour ranges: First and foremost is the condition of the hair and the actual result at the end. You get the shine. You get a far truer result. You don’t get any flatness and you don’t get so much colour fade because there’s no ammonia. Organic Curl Systems I absolutely love with a passion. It’s the best perm I’ve ever used.

Nikki White
Ragamuffins, Kenton, UK

We have now been working with Organic Colour Systems intensively for 4 years here at Mønsted with very positive results. Here at Mønsted we all agree that Organic Colour Systems has taken us up to a higher level as hairdressers, and made our work much more exciting. Our customers are very satisfied with the colours because of the soft smell. The colours are more gentle to work with as a hairdresser and as a customer.

Jette Mønsted
Mønsted Hair & Accessories, Kolding and Vejen, Denmark

Hello. Firstly I would like to tell you that as a professional hairdresser using your range only in my salon / barber shop, I have great results and would not or indeed could not go back to using any other colour range. I became extremely sensitive to hair colour and bleaches after hairdressing for over twenty years. It would seem that the fumes caused by mixing tints and bleach would rise upwards and cause chemical burns to my eyelids and also causing lung damage which repaired, but only after having to give up on offering a colour service to my clients, which had an obvious affect on income. Anyway I tried the perm system for the first time today and WOW what a result. My client has poor quality hair (fine and prone to breakage at fringe roots). In the past she had to find a different hairdresser for her perms because of my sensitivity (client being my mother in law), but now I can take care of any more future perms for her. She was amazed at how her hair felt, in better quality and thickness after her pre-shampoos and treatments and organic perm system than before the process! Your products are fantastic. I feel almost evangelical about them. I am building up my stock of other products in your range and hope to master the art of retailing.

Fiona Taylor
Pit Stop Barbers, Glasgow, UK

  • Our clients now prefer Organic Colour Systems, as there is no smell and because they feel their hair is in better condition.
  • Organic Colour Systems have a good consistency and is easy to mix and apply.
  • Organic Colour Systems are very true to their colours and very transparent on the hair giving an all over shine.
  • The NN range covers grey extremely well.
  • Mixing is easy.
  • Good choice of colours.
  • The intensifiers are very good and stay in the hair really well, they do not fade.
  • Organic Colour Systems feels like conditioner on the scalp, compared to chemical colours.

Michelle Jones
Maxine Morgan, Wolverhampton, UK

Hello, we have been using your colour for 4 years and love them.

Susan Kennedy
Kennedy & Brown

We have received our Organic Color at the salon. What we have done with it so far is extremely impressive. It is everything you claim and more. I have been a color technican for thirty five years and I believe you are the first company to actually deliver on your claims.

Barbara Cooney
Mary's Hair Salon, USA